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Join A community, philosophy, and financial system that transforms the way individuals conceive and create their financial future.

Years of Experience

The Tippett Point Philosophy

Wealth does not begin or end with the money in your pocket. To generate sustainable wealth, you need a definite purpose and the mindset to make it happen. It’s time to equip the masses with the tools, community support, and habits they need to radically transform their business and their lifestyle.

Hone Your Craft.
Transform Your Mindset.

Our training system is designed to establish and strengthen your level of financial athleticism.

Cultivate the skills you need to become unstoppable.


Maintaining your vision on your best and worst days


Learning the skills leveraged by successful people around the world


Understanding the tricks of the trade to direct your output

Our Courses

All American

For Solopreneurs ready to scale to 10+ employees and $1 Million in revenue.

No high performer ever became the best by having one foot in and one foot out. This 12-month program puts solopreneurs on an unstoppable trajectory to personal and financial success. Through bi-monthly meetings, intensive mindset training, personal audits, and more, MaRico Tippett acts as your personal coach and biggest supporter.

Community Builder

For Solopreneurs who love what they do but lack a solid plan on how to move forward with their profits.

Financial athleticism is a team skill. Learn it with others who are in it to win it. During this 5-week group training class, you’ll learn exactly where you excel as well as any blindspots you’re overlooking. The result? Beginning your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. This is a perfect introductory course to cultivating the mindset, methodology, and money management needed to enact permanent change.

Hit the ground running with weekly group coaching sessions and a thorough introduction to financial and personal mindset.

Get Inspired


Hit the court or the field and learn the basics. Understand what Financial Athleticism is all about and how The Tippett Point uses a unique formula to help you get there. This masterclass is a deep dive that introduces the fundamental pillars of The Tippett Point. Learn what makes a successful person and solopreneur while learning some basic habits that will help you generate an abundant mindset.