By MaRico Tippett

Dedicated to financially equipping the next generation of solopreneurs

Welcome to the most important part of your journey.

The Tippett Point exists to provide the doers in our community the actionable insights and personal fortitude to make a massive impact in their own life and the lives of others through their business.

Hi, I’m MaRico

I teach individuals how to better understand wealth by creating an abundance mindset, strong relationships with others, and a relentless commitment to self-improvement in order to build wealth from the inside out.

I use my experience in leadership, structure, and organization to help passionate solopreneurs create a clear direction and focused mindset.

With a Master’s Degree in Financial Planning and certifications from the Napoleon Hill & Grant Cardone institutes, I have experience in creating financial prosperity through the mastery of one’s mind and purpose. Through his experience providing one on one financial planning and coaching for solopreneurs, I have created The Tippett Point, the culmination of my expertise and business philosophy, in order to help more people become the best version of themselves personally, professionally, and financially.

My Mission

To educate and empower solopreneurs to increase profits and build sustainable wealth through a transformative approach that aligns their mindset, habits, and business practices with their ultimate financial goals

My Vision

To create a fundamental shift in American society by helping the middle-class harness the power and potential of entrepreneurship

Mankind ought constantly to be striving to produce great men - this and nothing else is his duty.

- Nietzsche

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