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The Tippett Point helps solopreneurs grow and scale to 10+ employees and 1 million dollars in revenue while creating a better life, lifestyle, and version of yourself. We are a new way of doing, earning, and being.

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The Tippett Point is where you have aligned your internal and external worlds to achieve maximum success



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How can you reach The Tippett Point?

At The Tippett Point, our philosophy centers around Financial Athleticism. Just as true athletes cultivate physical and mental toughness, we help you combine financial prowess with mental fortitude to become unstoppable in your craft.

Why Us?

Tired of stagnation and uncertainty when deep down you want more for yourself and your business? We’re here to help train your body, spirit, and financial knowledge so you can make the massive impact you desire.


A life-changing program that will create a new level of financial athleticism within you. Transform your relationship with yourself, money, and others.

Community Based

We exist to stimulate growth and job creation among the middle class. Invest in yourself while creating ripple effects of excellence in your community.


A series of habits, mindsets, and actions that you can implement today to see results before your eyes.


Nothing feels better than working better, harder, and smarter while living in alignment with our true selves.

Be Better

Wealth begins in the mind. Generate wealth and scale your business with a mindset framework to improve yourself from the inside out.

Your Level of Wealth Rarely Exceeds Your Level of Personal Development

- Jim Rohn

Meet MaRico

Founder of The Tippett Point Dedicated to serving others.

MaRico Tippett is a community wealth builder dedicated to equipping a generation of solopreneurs with purpose, personal growth, and prosperity. The Tippett Point is his proprietary vision of the ultimate form of personal development and financial athleticism.

Project Trillions

An ever-growing ecosystem of solopreneurs committed to uplifting themselves and others to scale from start-up to sustained growth.

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